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Like minded families in your community.


Your kids homeschooling schedule in a way that's never been easier! 

A rating & review community based system that helps to track progress. 


Attend or host classes or activities with families in your area.

Features include...

Multiple Child and Guardian profiles that are safe and secure. 

Browse Hosts in your community to find classes, events or meet-ups for your family.

Schedule meet-ups safely and easily. 

An option to make your events private and intimate or open to the public. 


Easily manage all of your kids hobbies, activities and courses from one place.

Find, Choose and Connect with like minded families in your area.

Expand your family's social circle allowing your children a larger community support system.

Become the community's newest host by opening up seats in your home. 

Track your kids progress as they develop at their own self directed pace.

Optimize learning by finding the best tutors or professionals in your area.

Meet The Team





A lover all things Creative including Movement, Singing, Art and Health. Anthony’s vision is to create a platform which will evolve education for future generations, including his own baby boy. When not leading the direction of MC2, Anthony is either teaching or dancing Zouk! 

Always mixing inspiration with perspiration, Conrad thrives when working on difficult projects with a positive social impact. If he’s not collaborating and innovating on grand designs, Conrad can be found on a dance floor, or playing and listening to obscure music. 

A health and wellness extremist, Andy is a semi-organized father of twins who loves to bring health oriented concepts to market. In between changing diapers, burping babies and working on excel spreadsheets, Andy inhabits the nearest kitchen, pull up bar or used book sale. 

A Colorado artisan at heart, Steve devotes his time to all things craft. Whether it’s code or coffee, he loves to simplify complexity and work on passionate technical projects which create social change. His innovative streak doesn’t translate to naming pets however as he has a dog called Spot. 





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